Gain peace of mind and secure your funds with a Qualified Trust Agreement-account today!

Our security protocols ensure that your money will be kept safely in your exchange account. How? Simple - it’s all in the type of account that we open with the bank, and the proprietary process we follow to send outgoing wires. It's so secure compared to the industry standard that we have a patent-pending on it. Learn More.​​​​​​​


Every secure exchange we open includes a Qualified Escrow Agreement which requires the bank to obtain your signature before moving any of your money.


Once the account is funded, 1031 Exchange Advantage ® cannot touch your funds without your signature. Sure we have insurance for Errors and Omissions and a Fidelity Bond for theft; but the best way to secure your funds is to make the bank “the policeman”.

bank transaction

By setting up an account where the bank is required to obtain your signature once the account is funded, your funds cannot be touched without your approval – and that’s what you need!