Improve Your Real Estate with Tax Free Money!

Did you know you can use tax free dollars in your exchange account to pay for improvements or construction at the property you buy? You can, and all the money you spend to fix the property is tax free!

What is an Improvement Exchange?

This is a powerful tool because the value of the improvements is counted toward your exchange. So for example, if you sell a $100,000 property and buy an $80,000 property in your exchange, you can spend $20,000 on improvements, for a total acquisition cost of $100,000 to complete the exchange!

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These are simplified explanations and there are potential pitfalls to look out for. Please contact our Improvement Exchange Department by phone at 866-944-1031 or schedule a consultation with us for a comprehensive recommendation for your particular situation.

Each dollar spent is tax free! If those dollars were returned to you at the end of the exchange, they would be taxable. So think of not only buying but improving!

Fees for improvement exchanges are $5000 *, so unless your improvements are more than $30,000, where taxes would be $10,000, paying the additional fee does not make sense. You can also improve property you CURRENTLY OWN. But please call or schedule a consultation to ask about the details.