1 out of 4 properties can be exchanged:

  • Single Family Rental
  • Commercial Property
  • Land
  • Airbnb, VRBO
  • Vacation Property
  • Primary Residence with Home Office/Business Space
  • Primary Residence where owners divorced
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What is an Exchange?

An IRS process allowing you to save 30-40% in taxes on the profits from your sale. You are required to hire a 1031 Accommodator (that’s what we are) to help you follow the rules.
Use a 1031 exchange to avoid taxes on the sale of your real estate that can be 30-40% of your profit.

Do I Qualify?

You will if your property fits. Even personal residences work under the right conditions!

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Why Exchange?

Your hard earned profits took time to grow. Don’t throw them away to taxes!
​​​​​​Invest those profits in new investments that can make you more money today.

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