Your Exchange Documents Are Ready!

You'll receive an email from with your Exchange Agreement. Please open it, and follow the prompts for completion.

Instructions for Client

  • Please check your email for a message form , check your documents for accuracy, and follow the prompts for completion.
  • After you DocuSign your documents, we will send you a PDF copy of your exchange documents once we internally review them. The IRS will require a traditional, hand-signed copy in the event of an audit (including the amount of "cash boot*" you elect to take, if any). Please retain a traditional, hand-signed copy for your records.
  • Please hold aside the Property ID form, Page 11 of the PDF copy, to complete and send back to us by day-45 of your exchange.
  • Instructions for Escrow/Settlement Agent

  • You will receive a PDF copy of your Client's exchange documents only after they complete our copy.
  • Please have the Notice of Assignment, page 10, signed by the Buyer only and returned to upon closing. You will also find our wiring instructions on page 10, for wiring us funds at closing.
  • If you need a PDF of the exchange documents immediately, click here (Escrow Only)

  • *Cash boot is the money you can elect to withdraw from your sales proceeds at closing, instead of having those proceeds sent to 1031 Exchange Advantage, as your 1031 Accommodator. If you elect to take cash boot at closing, the amount of cash boot you elect to take is subject to taxation. The amount of cash boot you elect to take must be written into the PDF of your Exchange Agreement on Page 1. If you do not wish to take any cash boot at closing, please simply enter "$0" on the cash boot line.


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